My Online Cookbook…French Gluten Free Recipes

I swear by this site. I have yet to find a faulty recipe. I made and sold their coconut lime macaroon at the farmer’s market. They are so easy and they make a really great gift: especially good party treats.


One response to “My Online Cookbook…French Gluten Free Recipes

  1. mom

    I’ll vouch for the macaroons. Sarah left my house for France about 3 weeks ago. Thankfully she left some macaroons which I carefully alloted myself to make them last as long as possible. I had the last chocolate one about 3 days ago, and it was still delicious. (she didn’t mention that she made four (I think) flavors, all of which sold like hotcakes at my store and the local farmers market. What can I say, she’s a very good baker.

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