Raw French Raisins

My first project on my new dehydrator. These raisin’s are so delicious. I just washed a bunch of fresh green grapes, cut a slit in each one, and then threw them on the dehydrator tray.

It took them about 4 days at 42 degrees celcius, but so worth it. I read that if you blanch them first on the stove, it quickens up the drying process, but I wanted my to be raw, so I just had to have a little more patience. I’m not sure how long they would last on the shelf, as I didn’t get all of the water out, but I don’t think I would be able to keep them for that long anyways–they’re so so delicious.
I was worried at first, because they were not seedless grapes, but turns out it doesn’t hardly matter, the raisins have a nice texture with the little seed in the middle, and it’s too small to be very bothersome anyways.



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2 responses to “Raw French Raisins

  1. mom

    It’s great to have you back on your blog… the pix alone get my taste buds going. I’ve considered (for many years actually) getting a dehydrator so I’ll be really interested to hear how it goes. sounds great, so far… maybe you already know that chestnuts are sometimes ground into flour. Can you make any things with flour for the dehydrator? Banana hemp muffins I made this morning would have benefited from your yummy sounding raisins. Lots of good iron you’re getting there in the unsulphered raisins. Bon appetit!

  2. Louisiana Lightsey

    Can you dehydrate me a bunch of stuff and bring it to me in Barce? I want salty crunchy dried veggies, like beats and carrots and green beans…try to do that…!!

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