6 AM Breakfast…

Fresh Roasted Chetnuts and Pear

These are the first roasted chetnuts i’ve ever had… and they are so delicious and easy. You just cut a slit in one side of the chestnut and then throw them on the stove. I think it’s better to put them in the oven, but here in France they just throw em on the grill, and all I have is a sauce pan, and it worked great. Then as soon as the skin peals back, you take them off the heat and peel away the skin. Eating warm chetnut’s over juicy pears really helps bring in the winter season.


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  1. Louisiana Lightsey

    I tried roasted chesnuts for the first time too, here in Spain. I was amazed at their sweetness. But I have to admit, I only like to eat 3 or 4, after that, it’s just to much chewing. They are very rich! I wonder if you could play with them more, maybe chop them up and cook them with pears or sweet potatoes, I wonder if their flavor would stick…

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